We provide a growing number of regional services to the cities and towns that we work with.

Project Management

Finding your way through the federal and state process can be challenging. MetroCog offers complete project management solutions that balance the needs of your organization with the needs of the region.

GIS Mapping and Analysis

Need a map? MetroCog serves as a regional clearinghouse for spatial data. Our GIS specialists will create a custom map developed to your specifications.

Transportation + Transit Demand Modeling

The better we can understand the transportation impacts of a particular project, the better we can manage the regional transportation network as a whole. MetroCog offers transportation demand modeling services for planning and development projects.

Demographic Analysis

Whether you are trying to find the best location for your business, determine the political composition of an area, or assess the potential impacts of a storm, MetroCog can provide demographic analysis for any set of data you are interested in.

Survey Design + Analysis

Preparing for public outreach can be difficult when you are unaware of the public opinion on a particular issue. MetroCog can develop survey instruments and analyze the results in a manner that provides you with the feedback you need.

Environmental Studies

From watershed planning to design recommendations for low impact development, MetroCog can evaluate your projects constraints to develop environmentally sensitive solutions.

Public Policy Analysis

Our staff has experience analyzing, providing reports, and testifying before governmental agencies on economic and fiscal impacts of proposed legislation. We have examined a broad range of public policy matters, and have provided useful insights to help inform public debate on public initiatives.

Outreach and Civic Engagement

MetroCog offers highly targeted outreach programs carefully constructed from research, strategies, and goals that generate positive outcomes. Our campaigns are creative and customized.

PoCD/ Land Use Analysis

The Plan of Conservation and Development (PoCD) process can be burdensome for local planning departments. MetroCog offers highly skilled technical support for your local plan update.

Housing + Community Development

MetroCog has worked with many agencies to develop and implement effective housing and community development projects, programs, and plans. MetroCog helps local governments secure resources for housing, jobs, community development and redevelopment providing long-range planning tools such as needs assessments, strategic plans, goals and policies.

Grant Writing

With expertise in government affairs, state and federal appropriations, and alternative funding methodologies our professional staff will assess your needs, determine short and long-term goals and develop concrete strategies to enhance the prospects for success.

Purchasing Cooperative

Many of our towns are in the market for similar goods and services. GBRC offers a purchasing cooperative to serve as a platform for competitive bidding through access to economies of scale.