Route 110 FAQs  

Route 110 FAQs

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What is the purpose of the Route 110 Planning Study?

Severe traffic congestion and extensive backups have become a typical occurrences on Route 110, from Main Street to Warner Hill Road in Stratford, CT. The Route 110 Planning Study will determine the improvements necessary along this corridor and several intersections to address these conditions.

What is the geography of the study area?

The study area will consist of Route 110 from Main Street (Putney, mile marker 3.10) to Warner Hill Road (mile marker 4.04). This section of Route 110 includes intersections with the northbound and southbound ramps of the Merritt Parkway, the main and northern access driveways to the Sikorsky Aircraft plant, a small shopping center and condominium complex (via Ryder’s Lane) and Oronoque Lane.

What information and resources will be produced by the Planning Study?

A final feasibility report will synthesize the collected and analyzed data, assessment of strategies, public input and recommendations.

The following strategies are anticipated to address traffic congestion in the Route 110 area and will be assessed in the study:

  • Relocate the south access drive to the Sikorsky Aircraft plant to opposite Oronoque Lane.
  • Minor widening of Route 110 to provide exclusive left turn lanes on Route 110 at Oronoque Lane.
  • Install new traffic signal equipment at Route 110 and Oronoque Lane to accommodate the new access drive.
  • Remove the existing traffic signal at the south access drive.
  • Construct a right turn lane into Sikorsky Aircraft to provide limited control ingress from Route 110 northbound.
  • Accommodate the potential future expansion of Ryder’s Landing.

The following work products will be developed through the study:

  • Data Technical Memoranda
  • Traffic Impact and Safety Assessment Report
  • Realignment Scenarios Report
  • Concept Plan for the Realignment/Reconstruction of Route 110
  • Public Outreach Findings Report
  • Final Feasibility Study
How will the determinations and recommendations made in the study be used in the future?

The determinations and recommendations made in the study will be used to begin addressing traffic congestion in the Route 110/Main Street/Warner Hill Road vicinity. They will serve as a guide for future designs and the ultimate implementation of physical improvements to the area.

Who is involved in the Planning Study?

Two committees, a Technical Advisory Committee and a Community Advisory Committee have been formed to provide guidance on the direction of the study. The Technical Advisory Committee is made up of members of the Town’s Planning and Zoning Commissions, the Town’s Economic Development, Engineering, Planning and Conservation staff and representatives of Greater Bridgeport Transit and the Connecticut Department of Transportation. The Community Advisory Committee is made up of local businesses and residents, a Town Council member, a representative of a bicycling organization and members of the Technical Advisory Committee.

How is the Planning Study being paid for?

The Federal Highway Administration’s Surface Transportation Program funds are paying for 80% of the study.  The Town of Stratford is providing the balance, per the federal requirements of this program.


  Route 110 Community Advisory Committee Presentation November 19, 2014