Public Transit  

Public Transit

MetroCog works closely with Greater Bridgeport Transit, and the Connecticut Department of Transportation to coordinate public transit investment in the region. Our public transit system is one of the most heavily used in the state.

Alternatives Analysis

Linking the Region’s Rail Stations & Transit Oriented Districts

Funded under the Alternative Analysis discretionary grant program, this planning assessment will determine strategies and actions to link local commuter rail stations and associated transit-oriented and supportive districts in the Greater Bridgeport region through an efficient and convenient mode of public transit.

GBT Capital Program

The GBT develops a 10-year capital program to maintain the local bus system. Bus capital needs are grouped into several categories, including new and replacement fixed route buses, small vehicles for supervisors and maintenance, lift-equipped small buses and vans for elderly and disabled transit services, administrative equipment such as computers, shop tools and diagnostic equipment, bus shelters and signs, and information kiosks and devices. The capital plan is updated annually to reflect changing priorities and needs.

Human Service Transportation Coordination

Identifying gaps in transportation services to help the elderly and persons with disabilities get to where they need to go.