Housatonic River Greenway  

Housatonic River Greenway

The MetroCog provided technical assistance to the town of Stratford to prepare a town-wide bikeway and pedestrian pathway plan.

The planning project was in response to efforts to develop short greenway sections in the southern part of town as part of the Waterfront Vision Plan.

The overall purposes of this planning project were to:

  • Promote and encourage the use of bicycling and walking as viable modes of transportation.
  • Identify opportunities for developing a shared-use trail or greenway within the Housatonic River corridor
  • Increase public access to the waterfront and provide connections to the Housatonic River.
  • Enhance bicycle and pedestrian safety.
  • Provide scenic and aesthetic views and a relaxed, slow-paced travel corridor.
  • Identify trail connectors and safe routes over or around high volume arterials and dangerous areas.
  • Determine how to connect activity centers (town parks, open space, municipal offices, schools and commercial services) with the trail system, not only within the town but to regional networks.

Opportunities were identified for creating and building a greenway from Stratford Point in the south end to Roosevelt Forrest in the north end, with connections to Long Beach (south end) and the Merritt Parkway (north end). It would consist of a combination of off-road, shared use trails and on-road bicycle routes adjacent to pedestrian walkways.