Bridgeport Complete Streets  

Bridgeport Complete Streets

The Complete Streets Plan serves as a guide for future development and enhancement of bicycle and pe­destrian facilities within the city, and intends to establish walking and biking as integral mode of transportation in Bridgeport.

In recent years, the City of Bridgeport has focused its attention on how to revitalize the city economically, socially and environmentally.

The city is concerned about global warming and the effects climate change will have on its neighborhoods and infrastructure. Its neighborhoods suffer the effects of air pollution caused by over reliance on the automobile for travel and from the way energy is produced and consumed.

Additionally, it has become more difficult, with the current poor economic health of the nation, for Bridgeport to revitalize its economy and compete in the global market.

In response to these challenges, the city requested assistance from MetroCog to create a transportation strategy to promote bicycling and walking, the development of related facilities and installation of green infrastructure.

The strategy is embodied in the “complete streets” policy and action plan. The intent is to effectuate a fundamental shift in the way the roadway environment is perceived and used. Instead of dedicating the roadway for the almost exclusive domain of motorized vehicles, the roadway is view as a space where the needs of all users are considered, not just drivers.

This concept is embodied in the “Complete Street” policy. A complete street provides access to bicyclists, pedestrians, transit riders as well as drivers, and also enhances the sidewalk area to connect it with the roadway.

Complete Streets | August 2011