Ash Creek Pedestrian Bridge Study  

Ash Creek Pedestrian Bridge Study

Feasibility and Concept Plan for a Pedestrian Bridge and Walkway over Ash Creek

The concept of a pedestrian bridge over Ash Creek linking Bridgeport's Black Rock Neighborhood with the Fairfield Metro Center has the support of both municipalities and has been identified as an action to promote sustainability goals and foster the conversion of the area as a transit oriented, mixed use district.

This study is funded through federal assistance under the Surface Transportation Program: Bridgeport-Stamford Urban Area account (STPB), provided to the City of Bridgeport. The intent of the study is to assess environmental impacts, prepare mapping, determine structure type, identify environmental permits, and coordinate location of the walkway and bridge with the Town of Fairfield and the developer of the Fairfield Metro Center site. Preliminary concept layouts, structure types and implementation plan with construction cost estimates will be prepared.

The Black Rock neighborhood is located in Bridgeport adjacent to the Fairfield Metro Center site. The neighborhood is comprised of medium to high density residential uses and commercial strip activities along Fairfield Avenue (State Route 130). Ash Creek separates the residential neighborhood from the Fairfield Metro Center rail station and office complex. Currently, access between the two areas is via Brewster Street and Black Rock Turnpike. Both are local streets with minimal pedestrian amenities. Walking between the two sites is not very safe or convenient.

The pedestrian bridge would also provide more direct access to and linkages between Greater Bridgeport Transit bus services, including the current route along Commerce Drive in Fairfield (GBT Route 7) and Coastal Link service operating along Route 130 (Fairfield Avenue) in Bridgeport.

Ash Creek Bridge Study Final Report | Published March 14, 2014