Bridgeport Parking Study  

Bridgeport Parking Study

This study identifies parking needs in downtown Bridgeport.

The city of Bridgeport requested an update to an older parking study that had been conducted in 2005 to inventory and document changes that have since occurred in the last five years, and assess the adequacy of of the parking supply in relation to the downtown parking regulations.

The study was conducted by the MetroCog in cooperation with the Downtown Task Force Mobility Committee and staff from the city of Bridgeport Office of Planning and Economic Development (OPED) and followed a multi‐tasked approach to identify opportunities and constraints placed on the existing parking network.

The first step required an inventory of existing parking opportunities around the downtown.

Slideshow | Parking Inventory Maps

The data obtained through this effort was analyzed and strategies were developed to make better use of the existing parking stock. It is intended to provide stakeholders with the information necessary to make strategic decisions regarding parking regulations, operations, supply, management and investments.


  1. Adopt a Parking Management Ordinance
  2. Design and Implement a Wayfinding Plan
  3. Create a Parking Website Page
  4. Implement a PILOP (Payment in Lieu of Parking) Program
  5. Implement On‐street Parking Enhancement
  6. Vehicles that Reduce Demand