Public Safety  

Public Safety

Roads, highways, bridges, ferries, ports, public transit, planes and bike and walking paths — are beneficial and essential to society. They allow people and goods to get from one place to another, and need to be protected. The design and construction of the transportation system shapes communities and affects quality of life.

Emergency Management

The possibility of public health and safety emergencies arising in the United States concerns many people in the wake of recent hurricanes, tsunamis, acts of terrorism, and the threat of pandemic influenza. Such incidents can have a great impact on our public infrastructure. MetroCog seeks to develop preparedness actions to help people deal with disasters of all sorts much more effectively.

Public Health

When asked to describe the significant factors that affect their health, most people would list their family medical history, diet, or level of fitness. However, other factors can affect health as well. Some of these factors include access to the natural environment, living conditions, and the manmade community around them - otherwise known as the "built environment."