Stratford Transit-Centered Development  

Stratford Transit-Centered Development

The Town of Stratford will create a Transit Oriented Development plan for the train station area.

The Town of Stratford was awarded $250,000 on October 13, 2011 for a Transit Oriented Development (TOD) plan linked to the Stratford station on the New Haven Rail Line and the development of a model TOD ordinance by MetroCog for its member municipalities.

MAP | Areas of Opportunity + Potential

Phase I – Development of Zoning Regulations and Design Guidelines

Development of zoning regulations & design guidelines to promote and guide TOD within the TOD Overlay Area. This will allow a wider variety of mixed uses (high density residential, retail, service and office primarily) within the study area, at a density level that would be commensurate with typical TOD development and which would also encourage the creation of mixed-income housing.

Phase II – Development of Stratford Center Revitalization Plan

The plan would develop revised traffic patterns in the area and identify ways of maximizing development within the immediate Center to promote additional retail, service and housing. With the relocation of commuter parking outside of Stratford Center, the expanded availability of parking spaces will also enable the growth of residential and commercial development in and near the Center to further promote the creation of a village setting. An important part of that study will also be to assess pedestrian and bicycle linkage and to determine physical enhancements that could promote safety for pedestrians and bikers.

Phase III – Development of Public/Private Reinvestment & Partnership Strategy

The development of public/private reinvestment and partnership strategy is scheduled for the TOD district. While the Town has proceeded with infrastructure changes and would begin to make regulatory changes, it will be necessary to develop a strategy for creating public-private partnerships to assure the success of TOD — and to guide public investments within the TOD area.