Model Ordinance for Transit-Oriented Development  

Model Ordinance for Transit-Oriented Development

Greater Bridgeport Regional Work Program

Phase 1 - Model TOD Ordinance for MetroCog

Implementing TOD concepts recommended in the plans developed by this project will require changes to existing zoning regulation.

Under this task the MetroCog will research existing regulations developed and adopted by similar sized municipalities and develop model ordinances that can be adopted by the city of Bridgeport and town of Stratford as well as the other communities of the Greater Bridgeport Planning Region.

A review of existing plans of conservation and development will be undertaken to ensure that any proposed regulations will be consistent and compatible with the goals and objectives of the POCDs.

The MetroCog will assess different types of zoning mechanisms, including the appropriateness of overlay zones and planned development districts, to effectuate a desired land use change that supports transit oriented development.

The new regulations will be based on key principles relating to densities, parking, high quality design, mixed-use activities, connections, preservation and sustainability. Specific tasks include:

  1. Public outreach — MetroCog will conduct a proactive outreach program to inform the public about the new regulations and solicit comments and suggestions.This task will involve maintaining information on the GBRC website, holding public information meetings, meeting with appropriate boards and commissions and other stakeholders, and preparing newsletters.
  2. Research existing TOD regulations — MetroCog will conduct a nationwide search of existing TOD zoning regulations and evaluate their appropriateness to the Bridgeport and Stratford environment. This task will also involve an assessment of the effectiveness of the regulations to create a change from traditional land uses to a transit oriented and supported land uses.
  3. Investigate different approaches to encouraging TOD development — The proposed TOD regulations will consider the approach for implementation, either as-of-right or allowed after meeting certain conditions.
  4. Establish guidelines and standards — MetroCog will identify the minimum set of standards that need to be met before an area would be reclassified as a TOD district.
  5. Prepare model regulation — MetroCog will prepare model TOD zoning regulations that will be effective in achieving the goals and objectives of the municipalities. The model regulations will be scalable to allow for different approaches depending on the vision for an area and appropriateness of the developments