Transit-Oriented Development  

Transit-Oriented Development

A plan is being created to improve travel options in the region, from bike and walking paths to buses and train connections. By strengthening the region’s transportation network through improvements to transit links between communities, neighborhoods will benefit.


East Bridgeport Seaview Avenue Development Corridor - Alternative Transportation Assessment
| June 6, 2016

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Transit Plan - 3/23/16 Community Meeting

Transit Plan GBT Transit Plan | Posted 3/23/16


Community Meeting - Transit Blueprint Reveal

The Regional Transit Oriented Development Pilot Program will craft a series of strategies to link commuter rail stations in Bridgeport, Stratford and Fairfield, their surrounding neighborhoods and regional employment centers through a robust and convenient public transit system.

By improving public transit service between communities within key travel corridors, surrounding neighborhoods will benefit and gain subsequent increases in economic activity, better housing and living options, more walkable neighborhoods and improved health.

The Regional Transit Oriented Development Pilot Program will be composed of the following projects:

  1. Stratford TOD — Establish the Town Center as a revitalized “transit centered district”, develop a new parking strategy, plan for safe pedestrian access to the rail station area and preserve the sense of place in this historically rich neighborhood.
  2. Develop a model Transit Oriented Development  — Provide a foundation for communities throughout the Greater Bridgeport Region to implement regulations for transit oriented development that will support the local vision and future goals.
  3. East Bridgeport-Seaview Avenue Development Corridor — Improve Seaview Avenue to support a variety of transportation options so as to efficiently connect the Port of Bridgeport, Bridgeport Regional Maritime Center, vacant and industrial lands prime for redevelopment and the Lake Success EcoBusiness Park.
  4. Alternative Transportation Modes — Based on current and future demand, identify priority areas to improve transit in two key corridors: the east-west corridor between the Stratford rail station and Fairfield Metro Center and the north-south Route 8 corridor between the Shelton-Derby rail station and downtown Bridgeport.
  5. Long Range Transit Plan — Identify opportunities to improve Greater Bridgeport Transit’s bus services and develop future service plans.

Community Meeting #1

A public meeting was held on April 24, 2014 in downtown Bridgeport.

Community Meeting #2

A public meeting was held on November 18, 2014 in downtown Bridgeport.

Transit Community Meeting, September 2015

Public meetings were held at Housatonic Community College and the Ralphola Taylor Community Center YMCA in Bridgeport.