Barnum Station Feasibility Study  

Barnum Station Feasibility Study

The Bridgeport Barnum Station Feasibility Study aims to discover whether it is possible to build a train station on Bridgeport's East Side and to create a Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) to create economic and housing opportunities.

Based on recent planning and development initiatives undertaken by the City of Bridgeport, as well as input received from area stakeholders, there is a strong desire for a new commuter rail station (“Barnum Station”) to be located along Barnum Avenue in East Bridgeport on the site of the former Remington factory. The new P. T. Barnum Station would improve transit and serve as a catalyst for redevelopment in the East Side, East End, and adjacent neighborhoods.

In order to respond to this challenge, the City of Bridgeport, in conjunction with MetroCog became a partner in the New York-Connecticut Sustainable Communities Consortium with a goal of developing livable communities with mixed-income housing and employment at key transit nodes.

The purpose of the Bridgeport Barnum Station Feasibility Study is to determine whether the construction and operation of a second train station is physically and operationally possible and compatible with the existing Metro-North Railroad (MNR) and Amtrak service and assess the redevelopment opportunities on adjacent parcels.

Results of the analysis indicate it is feasible to construct and operate a new Barnum Station on the site of the former Remington factory. Further, the Study shows that the station has the potential to be a catalyst for redevelopment and revitalization in East Bridgeport, including creating jobs and providing additional housing options close to transit.

 Barnum Station Feasibility Study | Published July 24, 2013