Johnson's Creek, Bridgeport  

Johnson's Creek, Bridgeport

The purpose of this project is to develop engineering designs for a Living Shoreline along a portion of Johnson’s Creek. Upon implementation of the final designs (pending construction funding), the neighborhood will have access to the waterfront, flooding will be mitigated and wetland habitat created.

Johnson’s Creek is located in Bridgeport’s East End.  Due to its relatively low elevation, this section of East Bridgeport is continually vulnerable to flooding. The ultimate goal for the Johnson’s Creek area is the creation of a passive recreation trail along the water and restoration of the creek’s predevelopment flood mitigation and ecosystem functions.  Bridgeport has been active in working toward this goal and has assembled several parcels in the area, with plans to enforce City right-of-ways for public access to the waterfront.

Preliminary designs are to reduce the grade of bank slopes to allow vegetative stabilization and support potential wetland migration.  If sea level rises one foot within the design life of the wetland’s edge, the vegetation could move up the bank into the bioswale areas. Other ecological benefits include the removal of debris and invasive species and habitat creation for marsh species. Improved public access to the waterfront and views of the waterfront will enhance quality of life for East Bridgeport residents. A boardwalk could further improve public access and opportunities for passive recreation along the waterfront.

This project is being funded by a grant from the Connecticut Institute for Resilience and Climate Adaptation’s (CIRCA) Municipal Resilience Grant Program (November 2016).

The project has been informed by the following past plans:

  • The 2005 East End NRZ plan recommended a linear park, elevated walkway, wetland vegetation and a fishing pier along Johnson’s Creek. Cleanup and improving public access were also recommended.

  • Between 2014 and 2016, MetroCOG had funds to design a coastal resilience project in Bridgeport, through the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation-Department of Interior (NFWF/DOI) funded Regional Framework for Coastal Resilience in Southern Connecticut. After discussions with the City, the Johnson’s Creek area was identified as a “high priority” area.

  • Waterfront Bridgeport, completed in 2017, also identified the Johnson’s Creek area as an area for short term activation. Cleanup, coastal vegetation and a boardwalk were recommended in the waterfront plan.