As the regional planning agency for transportation, MetroCog administers millions of dollars each year in local, state, and federal funds for the region's transportation network. MetroCog develops the Regional Transportation Plan to implement a long-range vision for buses, rail, highways, major streets, bicycle travel, walking, goods movement, and airport services.

Land Use + Regional Growth

MetroCog establishes a regional framework to connect our land use to our transportation systems, manage our population growth, preserve our environment, and sustain our economic prosperity.

Economic Development

MetroCog evaluates, monitors, and reports on issues affecting the fiscal stability and economic prosperity of the region. Focus areas include employment cluster analysis, the economic relationship with New York and Massachusetts, and the evaluation of the transportation and economic prosperity effects of land use decisions and development.

Environment + Sustainability

MetroCog believes a comprehensive, sustainable approach to planning to can improve our communities. This is realized through our understanding of the three Es of Sustainability: Environment, Equity, Economics.

Public Safety

The purpose of planning is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public. GBRC works to coordinate and plan for infrastructure investment in a manner that furthers this goal.