Other FHWA Programs  

Other FHWA Programs

Interstate Maintenance (IM) Program

Provides federal funds to rehabilitate, restore, and resurface the interstate highway system.

National Highway System (NHS) Program

Provides federal funds for any type of improvement on roads and highways designated as part of the NHS – interstates, expressways, and specially designated arterials.

Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP)

Provides funds to achieve a significant reduction in traffic fatalities and serious injuries on all public roads.

Highway Bridge Replacement and Rehabilitation Program (BRXZ)

Provides funds to the state to replace, reconstruct or rehabilitate deficient highway bridges.

Surface Transportation Program: Anywhere (STPA)

Funds may be used by the state for road and highway improvements on any road listed on the federal aid highway system (functionally classified as at least an urban collector).

National Scenic By-ways Program (NSBP)

Provides funds for the designation and enhancement of roads that have outstanding scenic, historic, cultural, natural, recreational and archaeological qualities.

Transportation and Community and System Preservation Program (TCSP)

Provides discretionary funding for various projects that improve the efficiency of the transportation system and reduce the impacts of transportation on the environment.

Safe Routes to School Program

Provides funding to identify barriers and create action plans that use a combination of strategies such as teaching pedestrian and bicycle safety, building sidewalks, working with law enforcement to slow traffic and initiating walking clubs and contests.