FHWA Programs  

FHWA Programs

Surface Transportation Program: Urban

The Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds the majority of state and local highways and roads. The Urban Program is a subset of STP and is the program that allocates funds to urban areas with a population greater than 200,000.

Transportation Enhancement Program (TE)

The Transportation Enhancement program develops “enhancements” to the transportation network. Examples include: bicycle and pedestrian facilities and education and safety programs, artwork at transit stations, streetscape improvements, and landscaping.

Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ)

The mission of this program is to improve air quality and congestion in the region.

Ferry Boat Discretionary (FBD)

The Ferry Boat Discretionary (FBD) Program is administered by the FHWA to fund the construction of ferry boats and ferry terminal facilities. The GBRC works with the city of Bridgeport in developing project scopes and applications.

Recreational Trails Program

Funded by the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP), selected projects are awarded grants to develop and maintain recreational trails for motorized and non-motorized users. Project proposals are selected based on competition among all applications received. The MetroCog assists member municipalities in developing project scopes.

Other FHWA Programs