Pequonnock River Initiative  

Pequonnock River Initiative

MetroCog oversees the implementation of the Pequonnock River Watershed Management Plan.

MetroCog oversees the implementation of the Pequonnock River Watershed Management Plan and works with member communities on project development and funding. The Plan was developed under a Department of Environmental Protection (DEEP) grant and identifies various projects to improve the quality of run-off into the Pequonnock River.

CT DEEP has developed a CT DEEP Clean Water Act Grant Guidance Watershed Based Plan Checklist that will be required for grant recipients to receive DEEP Clean Water Act Funding for Watershed Based Plan development for years 2010 and beyond. It will also be useful for authors of Plans funded in previous years to review and complete the checklist to help keep them on track to meet DEEP and EPA's expectations for Watershed Based Plan development.

Development of a watershed management plan is a key step leading to restoration of a polluted or otherwise impaired waterbody. Development and implementation of these plans to focus on addressing a specific impairment identified on DEEP's Integrated Water Quality Report to Congress qualifies them as Watershed Based Plans, with the ultimate goal of reducing or removing the impairment, so the waterbody can meet Water Quality Standards, and be removed from the list.  US EPA has described Nine Elements that must be addressed in an approved Watershed Based Plan to qualify for funding under Section 319 of the Clean Water Act.

Watershed management plans can widen the scope of Watershed Based Plans by addressing other water and land resource issues on a watershed scale, above and beyond the specific impairment identified on DEP's Impaired Waters List.