Transportation Plan Draft Now Available

A draft update to the Metropolitan Transportation Plan for the Greater Bridgeport and Valley planning regions is available here. The public is invited to review and comment on the plan from February 19 through March 25, 2019.




NOTICE is hereby given that the Greater Bridgeport and Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization has developed the draft update to the Metropolitan Transportation Plan for the Greater Bridgeport and Valley planning regions. By this notice, the public is being provided an opportunity to review and comment on the draft Plans. The review period begins on February 19, 2019 and ends on March 25th, 2019.

The public is welcomed and encouraged to review and comment on the draft Plan. Copies are available for inspection at the office of the Connecticut Metropolitan Council of Governments, 1000 Lafayette Boulevard Suite 925, Bridgeport, CT and at the office of the Naugatuck Valley Council of Governments, 49 Leavenworth Street, Suite 303, Waterbury, CT. The draft Plan can also be viewed via the MetroCOG and NVCOG websites: and

The Plan will be discussed at an informational meeting scheduled for 5:00 PM, Tuesday, March 19th at the offices of MetroCOG. In case of inclement weather on the 19th, the meeting will be rescheduled to Monday, March 25th at 5:00 pm. The GBVMPO will consider endorsement of the Plan at its March 28th, 2019 meeting at the MetroCOG offices.

The Plan has been assessed for their impact on air quality. Please visit the respective and for more information.

Capital projects sponsored by Greater Bridgeport Transit and the Valley Transit District are included in the draft Plan. The Plan development process will be used to satisfy federal requirements for public notice, review and comment for routine and traditional local bus capital projects funded by the FTA under the Section 5307 capital grant program. The MPO’s process, the notice of public involvement activities and the time established for public review of and comments on the Plan will satisfy the program of projects requirements of both transit agencies.

Comments may be made orally at the information meetings, via e-mail or in writing. Written comments must be clearly legible, submitted on 8½" by 11" paper and include the person’s name and address. Any person wishing to comment on the draft Plan may submit their comments in writing to Matthew Fulda, Executive Director, MetroCOG, or Rick Dunne, Executive Director, NVCOG, Written comments must be received at the offices of MetroCOG or NVCOG before 11 AM on March 26th, 2019. The MPO will consider endorsement of the draft MTP and adoption of the Ozone and PM2.5 Air Quality Conformity Statements at its regular meeting to be held on Thursday, March 28th, 2019. The public is invited to attend this MPO meeting.

For more information, please call MetroCOG at (203) 366-5405 or the NVCOG at (203) 757-0535. Language assistance may be requested within a reasonable timeframe and is provided at no cost to the public.