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Press Releases


GBRC Receives FEMA Flood Risk Grant

This grant will enable GBRC to investigate the feasibility of implementing the FEMA Community Rating System (CRS) program for the GBRC member communities of Bridgeport, Easton, Fairfield, Monroe, Stratford, and Trumbull.

This grant is funded by the Rockefeller Foundation and administered by the Los Angeles Emergency Preparedness Foundation. Over 1,900 businesses, community organizations, local and state government organizations and agencies submitted applications for the 2012 program and the GBRC was one of 30 recipients selected to receive funding for the feasibility study. 

The GBRC would like to thank all stakeholders, volunteers and municipal employees who have donated time and energy to the GBRC Conservation Technical Advisory Committee (CTAC) as the committee’s work made this grant award possible.

For more information on the award, please visit the FEMA website at