Environment + Sustainability  

Environment + Sustainability

The MetroCog is committed to assessing the impact of its activities on the environment and promoting sustainabilty in it's planning.

Climate Preparedness | Bridgeport

During the Winter and Spring of 2012, a series of worskshops were conducted with a focus on increasing awareness of risks associated with extreme weather and natural and climate-related hazards and assessing the risks, strengths and vulnerabilities within the City of Bridgeport.

A summary of findings was published in August 2012.

Bridgeport Climate Preparedness Workshops: Summary of Findings

Environmental Justice

The intent of Environmental Justice is three-fold, with its primary purpose to ensure the actions of the MetroCog and the Metropolitan Planning Organization do not adversely or disproportionately impact areas with a concentration of minority and low-income persons.

 Environmental Justice | April 2003