MetroCog writes, updates and participates in writing a series of reports on transportation, air quality, land use, economic development, and the environment and sustainability in the region.

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Before public funds for transportation can be spent, projects need to be studied and designed. MetroCog conducts research, analysis, and prepares reports to support this process.

Land Use + Regional Growth

Our reports link the development strategies of our member towns to address the needs of our growing region.

Economic Development

The Greater Bridgeport region is home to many different generators of economic activity. Our reports seek to profile this diversity, and find ways to leverage our shared resources.

Environment + Sustainability

The environment does not care about political boundaries. MetroCog develops reports assessing the impacts of land use and transportation decisions on natural resources.

Public Safety

Access to the natural environment, living conditions, and the "built" environment all affect the health and safety of our residents. MetroCog develops reports assessing the impacts of these factors on our citizens.