Transportation Technical Advisory Committee (TTAC)  

Transportation Technical Advisory Committee (TTAC)

This committee reviews transportation improvement projects and provides input into the development of all transportation plans and programs.

The Transportation Technical Advisory Committee was established by the Greater Bridgeport and Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (GBVMPO) to provide advice to the members. TTAC members also review the draft air quality emissions analyses of transportation projects. New federal aid projects are solicited and prioritized by the TTAC.

The TTAC is comprised of town engineers, public works directors and planners of member towns. The Greater Bridgeport Transit (GBT) and Valley Transit District (VTD) are also members of the TTAC.


City of Bridgeport
  • Michael Nidoh, Planning Director
  • Donald Eversley, Director of Office Planning & Economic Development
  • Edward Lavernoich, Deputy Director of Office Planning & Economic Development
  • Jon Urquidi, City Engineer
  • Steve Tylicszczak, Senior Economic Development Associate
  • Ted Grabraz, Sustainability Director
Town of Easton
  • Ed Nagy, Public Works Director/Town Engineer
Town of Fairfied
  • Joseph Devonshuk, Planning Director
  • William Hurley, Manager of Engineering
Town of Monroe
  • Scott Schatzlein, Town Engineer
  • Doug Arndt, Public Works Director
Town of Stratford
  • Dave Killeen, Town Planner
  • John Casey, Town Engineer
  • Doug Arndt, Public Works Director
Town of Trumbull
  • Bill Levin, Town Planner
  • John Marsillio, Public Works Director
  • Steve Savarese, Town Engineer
Greater Bridgeport Transit
  • Doug Holcomb, CEO
Ex Officio Members
  • Carla Iezzi, Regional Planning Organization Liaison, Connecticut Department of Transportation
  • Kenneth Shooshan-Stoller, Transportation Planner, Federal Highway Administration