Fairfield covers more than 30 square miles. Geographically, it is the largest community in the Greater Bridgeport Planning Region.

Fairfield, Connecticut

Low density residential uses, at 41%, predominate within Fairfield, followed by medium density residential (24%). Fairfield and Trumbull both have a greater proportion of residential property (67%) than other city or town in the region.

Fairfield was one of the first communities settled by whites in the region. It has managed to keep its historic New England village character while experiencing growth in service producing jobs. The town is home to three colleges: Fairfield University, Sacred Heart University, and Bridgeport Engineering Institute. The three colleges offer graduate and undergraduate programs in a wide array of fields, including engineering, business, the arts, and various science programs. Fairfield is also home to General Electric’s Corporate Headquarters. GE and the two universities are the Town's major employers.

Each spring, Fairfield’s Dogwood Festival attracts people throughout the region as the Town opens the doors to some of its historic homes and gardens. Throughout its modern history, residents and business leaders alike have promoted beautification programs, particularly in the commercial districts. The climate for development in Fairfield is attractive enough to developers so that the Town can be fairly demanding in setting high standards for new development. In absolute numbers, it is the fastest growing community in the region, with an increase of 3,822 people in the decade 1990-2000. Part of that increase is due to new young families with children moving into the older postwar homes that had been occupied by empty nesters.